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If You Had Hidden Value In Your Life Insurance Policy, Would Your Advisor Tell You?

If you said yes, you should know that Life Insurance Companies often bar their Advisor’s from telling clients about alternatives to lapsing, canceling, or surrendering their policy. Maybe that’s why more than 80% of Seniors end up canceling their policy, receiving little to nothing in return.

That’s why we exist. For more than 15 years, we have assisted with free, no-obligation appraisals to see if you qualify for Life Settlement options that allow you to sell your life insurance policy. If you do, we’ll connect you directly with a buyer. Contact us today to see if you qualify.

Your Life Insurance Advisor’s Dilemma: The New DOL Fiduciary Rule

Many Insurance Agents and Financial Advisers have a major conundrum. A pending Department of Labor Fiduciary rule (DOL) will hold financial professionals who provide retirement advice legally and ethically responsible to certain standards.

The Dilemma is some advisers are flat-out contractually prohibited from transacting Life Settlements or even mentioning any other Reverse Life Insurance options to their clients. Some states have already passed disclosure laws in an effort to protect consumers and a couple have even passed laws that protect Advisers from being fired for simply advising their clients of the Life Settlement option.

If you or your client has had a slippage in health and are contemplating the surrender or lapse of a life insurance policy, the policy absolutely should be appraised before you just throw it away. Billions of dollars of hidden value are  thrown away by elderly Americans every year, often at a time when they could use it the most. It is avoidable and it is wrong.

When Should You Consider A Life Settlement? will help you understand the many Life Settlement options available to you, and assist you with a free, no-obligation appraisal to see if you qualify to sell your life insurance policy. If you do qualify to sell your life insurance, we’ll connect you with a licensed buyer in your state. You’ll always deal directly with the life settlement buyer, and the decision to sell your life insurance is entirely in your control.

But before you begin the appraisal process, it is important to understand the situations when a life settlement is appropriate. While an unneeded or unaffordable life insurance policy can be a major financial burden to some policy owners, life insurance can also be an incredibly important and valuable asset.

You want to supplement a fixed retirement income.

Many elderly Americans find they no longer need a life insurance policy after their children have grown, or when a spouse or loved one is no longer with them. At the same time, these same people often find themselves in need of cash to cover a variety of personal and household expenses. can help you understand if you qualify for Life Settlement options. We offer a variety of Life Settlement solutions to help qualified applicants find the ideal fit for their situation.

You are chronically or terminally ill and need help with expenses.

Anyone that has been diagnosed with Chronic or Terminal illnesses may often find themselves faced with the staggering costs of medical treatment,  travel, lodging, and new household expenses. This is often compounded by loss of income due to their illness.

For these situations, assists with a number of Life Settlement and Viatical Settlement solutions that help qualified applicants sell their life insurance policy to raise funds they need, so they can focus on getting healthy.

You need help paying for long-term care

As the cost of long-term care services, medical treatment, and prescriptions continues to skyrocket, many older Americans find that they never planned for such heavy expenses so late in life and they’re unable to afford these costs. Many are forced to liquidate their assets (including surrendering, lapsing, or canceling their Life Insurance policy) in order to qualify for medicaid coverage so they can make ends meet.  

For qualified individuals in this situation, offers a number of Life Settlement solutions, like a Medicaid Life Settlement, that may help Policy Owners avoid liquidating assets or taking on considerable debt. is here to help. Contact our team for a free, no-obligation qualification appraisal today.


“ connected me with a direct buyer who purchased my life insurance policy. The Buyer was excellent to work with through the entire transaction. I know they worked hard to get me the cash I needed, just 2 days before Christmas.”


I just finished my 13th treatment,’s direct buyer gave me $95,000 for my $250,000 Term-life Policy – and I paid NO Broker fee. I told that i’d recommend them to anyone, so now I am!

J. M.

With all my expenses, I really didn’t have the extra money to pay for the therapy I felt was best for me. I tried to get a life insurance cash advance, but they said I wasn’t sick enough.’s direct buyer gave me $95,000 for my $250,000 policy! I told them I would recommend them to anyone, so now I am!


“There were some alternative treatments I wanted to explore… but the treatments were simply not approved  by my health insurance. I tried a couple of years ago to sell my policy but couldn’t.

I just finished by 13th treatment.’s direct buyer game me $95k for my $250k Term-life policy!


“Seldom do I write a testimonial. My expectations were exceeded by My experience was stress-free, I was kept informed throughout the process, and the standard of professionalism was outstanding.

I would recommend without hesitation.


“My experience was stress free. I was kept informed throughout the process, and the standard of professionalism was outstanding – I would recommend without hesitation!”


I will only write a testimonial if the experience is exceptional. My experience was stress free, I was kept informed throughout the process, and the standard of professionalism was outstanding.

I would recommend without hesitation.

How families pay for Assisted Living Costs

Our Life Settlement Solutions

  • You may be eligible to sell your life insurance policy directly to a licensed buyer in the secondary life insurance market

  • You no longer have to pay expensive policy premiums

  • We assess whether you qualify, connect you directly buyers, and assist with the paperwork!

  • Qualified candidates often get 5 to 10 times more than their existing cash surrender value

If you’re over 65 with declining health, a Life Settlement can provide cash to help cover expenses or supplement your retirement income.

  • You may be eligible for a cash advance against your life insurance policy.

  • You no longer have to pay expensive policy premiums

  • Any remaining death benefit goes to your chosen beneficiaries.

  • There are no restrictions on how you spend your cash advance. Your money, your choice.

  • You Maintain Ownership of Your Policy

  • Your Credit Score Does Not Matter

If you’re chronically-ill, a Life Insurance Advance can provide a cash loan for living and medical expenses, secured only by your life insurance policy.

  • Convert your life insurance policy into an FDIC-insured Long-Term Care Benefit Plan if you qualify.

  • You choose the care provider of your choice, there are no restrictions.

  • Payments are made directly to your care provider every month - you don’t have to do anything!

  • There may be no need to liquidate your other assets to qualify for medicaid.

If you’re over 65 and need help paying for assisted-living, in-home care, or long-term care, a Medicaid Life Settlement can provide fixed payments to your preferred care provider.

  • You may be eligible to sell your life insurance in the secondary market to a licensed, direct buyer.

  • You no longer have to pay for increasingly-expensive annual policy premiums.

  • Your beneficiaries still receive a portion of your benefit after you pass.

  • There are no restrictions on how you spend your cash settlement.

If you still need some life insurance, but cannot afford your premiums, this reverse life insurance option allows you to retain a portion of your life insurance with no more premiums.

  • Allows qualified terminally or chronically-ill patients to sell their policy for a significant cash settlement.

  • Helps patients afford out-of-pocket and household expenses, as well as providing funds for alternative or experimental treatments.

  • We assess whether you qualify, connect you directly with buyers, and handle all of the paperwork.

  • Viatical cash settlements can provide more than 50% of your life insurance policy’s death benefit in a lump sum of cash now, when you need it..

If you’re terminally ill, regardless of your age, a Viatical Settlement can help pay for treatment, medical expenses, and care.

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Viatical Settlement Example #1: 57-year-old female

  • Life Insurance Policy Face Value: $750,000
  • Life Insurance Annual Premium: $900
  • Viatical Settlement Offer: $405,000
  • Life Insurance Policy Type: Universal Life Insurance
  • Life Insurance Cash Value: $0
  • Life Settlement Solutions: This applicant no longer wanted the life insurance policy which she’d owned for 16 years, so her agent suggested that she explore her policy’s life settlement market value. Because of her age there were limited funders, yet we were able to secure a life settlement appraisal. The applicant was thrilled to ultimately receive an offer that was $405,000 more than the policy’s cash value.

Life Settlement Example #2: 79-year-old male

  • Life Insurance Policy Face Value: $2M
  • Life Insurance Annual Premium: $131,718
  • Life Settlement Offer: $130,000
  • Life Insurance Policy Type: Universal Life Insurance
  • Life Insurance Cash Value: $0
  • Life Settlement Solutions: This applicant originally purchased his life insurance policy for estate tax purposes. When his estate value decreased, he no longer needed the life insurance policy he purchased. He decided to try to sell his policy directly and contacted us to see how high of a life Settlement appraisal number we could generate. The life settlement appraisal showed he had value even though he was in fairly good health.

Life Settlement Example #3: 67-year old male

  • Life Insurance Policy Face Value: $200,000
  • Life Insurance Annual Premium: $6,159
  • Viatical Life Insurance Settlement Offer: $104,000
  • Life Insurance Policy Type: Term Life Insurance
  • Life Insurance Cash Value: $0
  • Life Settlement Solutions: This applicant was facing financial distress, and his agent suggested that he consider a life settlement to help him with much needed resources to help pay for living expenses. We were able to find significant value with a life settlement appraisal. The eventual life insurance policy sale gave the applicant much needed liquidity.

More Information About Life Settlements

A life settlement allows you to sell your life insurance policy (both Permanent or Term-Life) for more than the policy’s cash value. Instead of just lapsing, canceling, or surrendering your policy due to expensive premiums, no longer needing life insurance, or needing cash to pay for medical treatments or the ever-increasing costs of long-term care, you can sell your life insurance policy directly to a licensed Life Settlement buyer.

If you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of Life Settlements, there’s a simple explanation. Many insurance companies have worked to suppress information about the life settlement option. They do this by barring their agents from informing policy owners about life settlements. When an agent does suggest a life settlement, often they can be penalized or fired.  

As shocking as that fact is, it actually makes sense when you realize that more than 80% of life insurance policies never pay out a death benefit. The beneficiaries never receive a dime, or policy owners are forced to cancel, surrender, or stop paying due to increasing premiums. Instead, the life insurance company keeps all of the premiums you’ve paid. In fact, it’s standard procedure – Life Insurance companies use a pricing model called “Lapse-based Pricing”. A Wharton Business School study found that life insurance companies actually encourage life insurance policy lapses, cancellations, and surrenders, because they profit substantially by keeping the majority of the premiums you’ve paid all these years.

According to Statista, in 2015 there was over $20 Trillion in active life insurance policies in the United States, and that value is only increasing. The sad truth is that the Life Insurance Industry will never pay a claim on more than $16.5 Trillion of that death benefit. In effect, the Life Insurance Industry works to prevent you from knowing your Life Settlement options so that they can protect their bottom line, regardless of how that may impact you or your loved ones

We think not informing you of all of your options is wrong, and that’s why we started If a Life Insurance Company wants to tie your Agent’s hands and suppress information about your Life Settlement options, we’ll do everything we can to make sure you know all of your rights and options.

Life Settlements With

For more than a decade, has been contacted by thousands of people, just like you, who are trying to understand their options for selling their life insurance policy.

We put our nearly 30 years of experience in the Life Insurance and Life Settlement industries to work for you. We don’t collect your information and then disrespectfully treat you like a number.  And we certainly don’t provide inaccurate “Instant Estimates” that never materialize.

And, unlike Life Settlement Brokers who take up to 30% of your life settlement if you qualify and decide to accept an offer, Direct Buyers only pay a fee for mustering your health and insurance policy information.

Our Mission is to help you get a direct cash offer, by connecting you with a licensed institutional Buyer. You speak with the buyer directly, and the decision to sell is always in your control.

You can choose life settlement brokers, life settlement providers, or you may choose to go direct.

Understanding Life Settlement Brokers and Life Settlement Providers

Understanding your options as you consider how to sell your life insurance policy can be confusing. However, the most important first steps you can take in working through a life insurance policy settlement are qualifying and valuing your policy before you do anything. “Qualifying” is a matter of determining if your health, age and policy are likely to make you eligible for a life settlement. “Valuing” is the process of determining how much your policy is worth in the marketplace and, therefore, how much cash you can expect from the life settlement process.
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Understanding Viatical Settlement Companies

A viatical settlement is when you sell a life insurance policy to a third party for a cash benefit. This type of life settlement used to be used only when there was a life-threatening circumstance such as terminal cancer or other terminal diagnosis. Understanding Viatical Settlement Companies is vital when looking into the Viatical Settlement option.
new sec reguations proposed for life settlement industry

New Regulation Proposed For The Life Settlement Industry

To date, there has been very little federal life settlement regulation, and only 8 states remain unregulated and have not adopted one of the two models - NAIC or NCOIL. The lack of federal licensing requirements and life settlement regulations may discourage owners of life insurance from considering life settlements as they are unsure as to which life settlement provider to trust.  Owners currently have to rely on brokers or their own research to protect themselves in determining which life settlement companies are legitimate or not.
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Do I Need A Life Settlement Broker When I Sell My Life Insurance?

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A life settlement broker operates as an intermediary between the seller and buyer of a life insurance policy called a life settlement. Ideally, a life settlement broker will be protecting the interests of the life insurance policy seller/owner, whereas the buyer will be interested in the life settlement as an investment. A life settlement broker will take a percentage from the offer given to the seller.

If you are considering canceling or surrendering your life insurance policy, please speak with us first.

We assist you with a free, no-obligation qualification appraisal which is completed by a licensed life settlement buyer in your state. Not knowing your options could cost you thousands of dollars in hidden value.