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Accountants, CPAs Discovering Hidden Value in Life Insurance

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Most calls we have fielded from CPAs and Accountants over the past 15 years have been around cost basis. Accountants -many for the first time- were trying to calculate the cost basis of a life insurance policy. There was a next to impossible computation to interpolate the cost basis, which relied on cost of insurance information from the insurance company and many insurance companies wouldn’t disclose the information and some didn’t even track it. It became much easier to determine life insurance cost basis in 2017 with the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Today things are very different, most of the calls we get from Accountants are around assisting or facilitating the sale of their client’s life insurance policy. Many of the CPAs and Accountants are navigating a life settlement for the first time, because their client’s insurance agent or advisor is restrained from mentioning a life settlement, even though it is in their shared client’s best interest.