Fixed Income Strategy with Life Settlements

Supplementing Your Fixed Income Strategy With Life Settlements

Seniors today find themselves in a troubling situation. Still recovering from the recent financial crisis, retired Seniors often find that despite all the years of planning and saving with a fixed income strategy, they’re unable to keep up with the rising cost of treatment, prescription medications, basic household expenses, or ever-increasing annual life insurance premiums. The fixed income strategy they planned with is just no longer adequate.

Retirement was never meant to be spent worrying about making ends meet – that’s why you had a fixed income strategy in the first place. With Life Settlements, it could be spent doing the things you’ve always dreamed of. For the last 10 years, has worked to empower qualified Seniors by helping them understand their options, and educating them about the many available Life Settlement solutions they could use to supplement their fixed income strategy. We connect qualified applicants directly with licensed buyers, and we handle  the paperwork.

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Here are the solutions which best match your situation:

Life Settlement

  • You may be eligible to sell your life insurance policy to a licensed buyer in the secondary market
  • You no longer have to pay expensive policy premiums.
  • We assess whether you are likely to qualify and connect you directly with a buyer, and handle the paperwork.
  • Qualified candidates typically receive significantly more than their existing cash surrender value.

“Seldom do I write a testimonial. My expectations were exceeded by My experience was stress-free, I was kept informed throughout the process, and the standard of professionalism was outstanding.

I would recommend without hesitation.”


A Life Settlement allows qualified life insurance policyholders to sell their policy in the secondary life insurance market. Qualified policyholders receive a lump-sum cash settlement which can be used to pay for medical expenses, prescription costs, household expenses, or simply to supplement a fixed retirement income for a more comfortable lifestyle. Once the policy is sold, the policyholder is no longer required to pay the seemingly ever-increasing annual policy premiums.

Those who typically qualify for Life Settlements are over the age of 65, have had a moderate decline in health since initiating their life insurance policy, and own a life insurance policy valued at $100,000 or more.  

Life Insurance Advance

  • You may be eligible for a cash advance against your life insurance policy.
  • You no longer have to pay expensive policy premiums.
  • The Life Insurance Advance is tax free
  • The remaining death benefit payout still goes to your beneficiaries.
  • There are no restrictions on how you spend your cash advance. Your money, your choice.

“My experience was stress free. I was kept informed throughout the process, and the standard of professionalism was outstanding – I would recommend without hesitation!”


A Life Insurance Advance enables qualified policyholders to receive a lump-sum cash advance from their life insurance policy, to pay for things like medical costs, alternative treatments, household expenses, or simply to supplement retirement income or spend on entertainment. When a policyholder enters into a Life Insurance Advance, the lender also assumes responsibility for policy premiums, so the policyholder no longer needs to make those payments. Even better, the policyholder’s beneficiaries can still receive some portion of the death benefit after the policyholder has passed.

Those who typically qualify for a Life Insurance Advance have had a significant decline in health since first initiating their policy.

Retain a Portion Settlement

  • Qualify to sell your life insurance on the secondary market to a licensed, direct buyer.
  • You no longer have to pay for increasingly-expensive annual policy premiums.
  • Your beneficiaries still receive a portion of your benefit after you pass.
  • There are no restrictions on how you spend your cash settlement.

With all my expenses, I really didn’t have the extra money to pay for the therapy I felt was best for me. I tried to get a life insurance cash advance, but they said I wasn’t sick enough.’s direct buyer gave me $95,000 for my $250,000 policy! I told them I would recommend them to anyone, so now I am!”


A Retain-A-Portion settlement, sometimes known as a Retained Death Benefit, enables qualified policyholders to sell their Life Insurance Policy in the secondary market for a cash settlement, while allowing the policyholder to retain some portion of their death benefit for their beneficiaries. Those who typically qualify for a Retain-A-Portion Settlement are generally over the age of 65, have developed moderate health issues since first creating their policy, and have life insurance policies valued at $100,000 or more.   

If you are considering canceling or surrendering your life insurance policy, please speak with us first.

We offer free, no-obligation qualification assessments. Not knowing your options could cost you thousands of dollars in hidden value.