Life Insurance Advance

Life Insurance Advance offers qualified Policy Owners who are terminally-ill the option of getting a lump sum of cash in the form of a loan secured solely by their Life Insurance Policy.

Qualified Terminally or Chronically ill Policy Owners faced with medical, travel, lodging, and household expenses commonly find that they need cash now, they typically do not want to sell their life insurance policy as they would in a typical Viatical Settlement. Policy Owners in this situation realize that their loved ones will need a life insurance benefit after they die, and may prefer a Life Insurance Advance.

A Life Insurance Advance is often the ideal solution for qualified Policy Owners in this situation. Unlike a typical Viatical Settlement, where the life insurance policy is sold outright to a direct buyer in the secondary life insurance market, a Life Insurance Advance provides a tax-free lump-sum cash advance against the Policy Owner’s life insurance policy. Better still, the Policy Owner continues to own their policy, and their beneficiaries still receive a portion of the death benefit upon the Owner’s passing.

A Life Insurance Advance is not a viatical settlement where you simply sell your policy. You  do not transfer your policy when you get the advance, but you are able to maintain ownership and your beneficiaries. After you receive a life insurance advance, all of your premiums will be paid by the lender and the policy will remain in-force throughout your life. There are no loan payments, interest, or fees due before your death. Your life insurance policy will cover all costs associated with the advance after your death. All types of life insurance qualify even term life, group life, or policies with no cash value.

You May Qualify For A Life Insurance Advance:

Who qualifies for Life Insurance Advance?

It is a completely different process from getting a normal loan when you try to qualify for a life insurance advance. Because you may be unemployed or disabled, your income and credit may have dropped. If unexpected medical expenses have negatively impacted your income or credit, this could be a viable option. When applying for a life insurance advance, your personal credit score and income is not considered. Your life insurance policy is the sole guarantee and the advance is thereby written as a secured loan.

Any age may qualify

Qualified candidates need to be terminally ill, but age does not matter.

You’ve Had A Recent Change In Health

Qualified candidates generally have had a serious slippage in their health, and are  required to be terminally ill

All Policy Types Are Eligible

Qualified candidates can own any type of Life Insurance policy, even term and group life insurance

Your Policy Benefit Is at least $100,000

Qualified candidates must have a policy worth $100,000 or more.

Your personal credit history is not considered

No cash value is required

“My experience was stress free. I was kept informed throughout the process, and the standard of professionalism was outstanding – I would recommend without hesitation!”


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