Life Settlements

Life Settlements allow qualified Policy Owners to sell their life insurance policy in the secondary market, for far more than the policy’s existing cash value.

Senior Americans often find that their premiums increase exponentially as they age. Accustomed to the manageable premiums they paid when they were younger, many Senior’s find that the life insurance policy they’ve owned for years has suddenly become prohibitively expensive. Similarly, many Seniors find that they simply no longer need their life insurance policy because their children have grown, or their spouse or loved one is no longer with them, but they have limited options outside of canceling or surrendering. Luckily, Life Settlements may provide those options.

Instead of canceling or surrendering their life insurance policy, and losing out on all of those years of premium payments, qualified Seniors find that life settlements provide them with significantly more value than their policy’s cash surrender value.

If you have no cash value in your life insurance policy, you may simply choose to lapse or cancel your life insurance policy by ceasing your premiums, with no way to recover any of the money you’ve paid in premiums over the years. But, there is another option. helps qualified Policy Owners understand their Life Settlement options. If you qualify, you can get cash from your policy now, even if the policy itself has no cash value.

When you qualify for a Life Settlement, you simply sell your life insurance policy (even a term life policy) to a life settlement company. Life settlement companies pay you more than the cash value of your insurance policy, but less than the face value. If you qualify, you can get immediate cash liquidity from an asset that was non-performing and which you may no longer even need. The amount of money you receive is, by definition, always greater than if you simply surrender or lapse your life insurance policy.

Don’t leave money on the table. Contact us today, and our representatives will help determine if you qualify for a Life Settlement, connect you directly with a licensed buyer, and we’ll assist you with the paperwork.

You May Qualify For A Life Settlement

To qualify for a life settlement you must be at least 65 years of age, unless your health has significantly declined. Even if you are over age 65, you still need to have moderate health issues, which have declined since first purchasing the life insurance policy. If you qualify, you could receive a lump sum of cash, and the ownership of your life insurance policy transfers to the buyer. Once the Life Settlement transaction is complete, you have nothing further to do with your life insurance policy. The buyer makes all of the premium payments, and when you pass away the buyer collects the death benefit.

Determining the value of your life insurance policy is essentially weighing how much in premiums a buyer will have to pay over your expected remaining lifespan.  A Life Expectancy Provider reviews all of your medical records including hospital records, doctor’s notes, lab results, and the results of other diagnostic exams. Your life expectancy estimate is then contrasted with an illustration from your life insurance company to arrive at a probable outlay of premiums and your corresponding Life settlement value.

You Are Over 65 years of age, or have a slippage in health

Qualified candidates are generally over the age of 65.

You Own Any Type of Policy

All types of life insurance may qualify, as long as the policy is still in-force, but Universal Life and Convertible term insurance make up the majority of life settlements.

You’ve Had A Change In Health

Qualified candidates must have had a slippage in health since they purchased the policy

Your Policy Benefit Is at least $100,000.

Qualified candidates must have a policy worth $100,000 or more.

If you have term insurance, it needs to be convertible

No existing cash value is required to qualify

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