Viatical Settlement

A Viatical Settlement enables qualified Policy Owners with Chronic or Terminal illness to sell their life insurance policy, providing funds for medical expenses and alternate treatments.

Patients that have been diagnosed with Chronic or Terminal illnesses often find themselves facing the staggering costs of medical treatment, travel, lodging, and household expenses. This is often compounded by loss of income due to the illness.

Patients in these situations may be candidates for a Viatical Settlement, which can provide as much as 60% of the life insurance policy’s death benefit, with no restrictions on how the money is spent.

The stress of worrying about finances is the last thing you need if you are battling a terminal illness. You will most likely find that if you are expected to live beyond six months and have no cash surrender value, your financial options are often limited with respect to your life insurance.

viatical settlement enables qualified Policy Owners with Chronic or Terminal illness to sell their life insurance policy, providing funds for medical expenses and alternate treatments

A Viatical Settlement is the sale of your life insurance asset. The value of any asset is typically determined by an appraisal. The same is true with viaticals. For example: when having your home appraised, the appraisal is based on location, structures, land, and various other variables. With a Viatical Settlement, the largest contributing factor is your Life Expectancy.  A life expectancy provider assesses your life expectancy based upon your medical information and your physician’s prognosis of your health. Once the life expectancy provider has provided a Life Expectancy evaluation, Viatical Buyers can then do their internal calculations on your policy to arrive at a fair value for the policy in the secondary market for insurance. Other variables contributing to the value are the type of life insurance policy you own, the solvency of your life insurance company, any particular policy provisions within your life insurance policy, your face amount, and lastly the premiums you pay.

You May Qualify For A Viatical Settlement:

Who qualifies for a Viatical Settlement?

There is no age minimum to qualify. You must have a chronic or terminal illness and own an in-force life insurance policy. All types of life insurance can qualify, even term life or group life with no cash value. The Viatical Settlement buyer pays all future premiums, and you get a lump sum of cash now while you are still alive.

You Must Be Chronically or Terminally Ill.

Qualified candidates typically have a life expectancy of two years or less.

All Ages Are Eligible

Qualified candidates can be of any age.

You Own Any Type of Life Insurance Policy

Qualified candidates can have any type of life insurance policy.

Policies Of All Values Are Eligible

Qualified candidates can own any value of policy. Even policies without any cash value may be eligible.

You are not required to be eligible for an advanced death benefit from your insurance company

Most states mandate the minimum settlement amount, depending on your life expectancy

Unlike life settlements, the proceeds from a viatical settlement are considered an advance of death benefit and are tax free

“I just finished my 13th treatment,’s direct buyer gave me $95,000 for my $250,000 Term-life Policy – and I paid NO Broker fee. I told that i’d recommend them to anyone, so now I am!


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