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With over 15 years of experience in the Life Settlement industry, Reverse Life Insurance has spoken with thousands of people who are trying to discover and understand their options for selling their life insurance policy.

Consumers love what we do because we are not Brokers. We have over 30 years of experience in the Life Insurance and Life Settlement industries. Our Mission is to help you get the largest direct cash settlement possible, by connecting you with a licensed Buyer. You speak with the buyer directly and the decision to sell is always in your control.

Get in touch with us today and one of our trained representatives will provide a free, no-obligation qualification appraisal, and help you understand the solution that is best for your situation.

About ReverseLifeInsurance.com

For more than 15 years, Reverselifeinsurance.com has helped thousands  of people determine if they qualify and understand their options for selling their life insurance policy. Whether it’s terminally-ill patients seeking funds for treatment, elderly customers requiring expensive long-term care, or retirees desiring to supplement fixed retirement incomes, we’ve helped provide solutions to just about every situation.

And that’s why Reverselifeinsurance.com exists. Our Founder, CE Dean, worked as a Senior Life Insurance Executive. He saw, first hand, how valuable and crucial a good life insurance policy could be.

But, he also saw the darker side of the Life Insurance industry. How life insurance companies raised premiums on elderly policy owners, and encouraged those very people to lapse, cancel or surrender their policies for pennies on the dollar, if they received anything at all. He saw how insurance agents were prevented by their companies from telling customers that they had the option of selling their policy.

In 2006, he founded Reverselifeinsurance.com as a way to help the most vulnerable Policy Owners discover the hidden value in their life insurance policies.

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A Message From Our Founder

I began my career in the life insurance industry as a new life insurance agent in the 1980’s and had no idea how impactful life insurance could be. It is one thing to sit across the kitchen table with young parents and complete a needs analysis and play out ‘what if’ scenarios. It is something altogether different to revisit the same table, sitting only with a widow, with the hope that the proceeds check I was delivering would be enough, as it often comprised all of the funds the family would have going forward.

I have literally hired and trained hundreds of life insurance agents, managers and insurance executives throughout my career and I always made sure to take a new agent with me whenever I delivered the death proceeds from a life insurance policy. Though I now focus on educating and assisting consumers in retaining as much value as possible during the disposition of the life insurance they may no longer need; it is still my firm and absolute belief that an agent is not truly in the business until they have delivered a check when someone dies.

It is important to me that consumers exact as much value as possible from their life insurance, whether they live or die. I find it troublesome that so many life insurance companies forbid their representatives from the mere mention of Reverse Life Insurance. Once someone has outlived their need for life insurance or is forced to surrender their life insurance due to the strain of increasing premiums, they are entitled to know all of their options.

As a senior executive of an international insurance company, I was more than privy to the inner workings and design of life insurance policies. Our simple goal is to assist consumers in identifying as much value as possible and to that end, ReverseLifeInsurance.com was founded.


Bud Dean
Managing Member